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THREE BOOKS OF ROMANCE STORIES written by Author Brenda Mohammed.


Without respect, love is lost. Without caring, love is boring. Without honesty, love is unhappy.
Without trust, love is unstable."
Heart - Warming Tales consists of six romantic and suspenseful short stories all unified by the same theme - trials and tribulations of love.
The Caregiver - Is Love Enough?
Her Online Predator -- Is human trafficking behind this friend request?.
A Marriage on the Rocks - Did Maria feel neglected by Roberto or was he abusing her?
Dead Business - Was Mary's husband hiding something from her?
The Psychiatrist and the Thief - Crime mixed with Humour will leave you smiling.
No Wedding Bells for Amy - Fake love never pays.
Stories of human trafficking, a woman torn between two lovers, deception, neglect, fake love, and even humour, will interest readers who are looking for answers in their own lives.
Here is a quote from an Amazon Reviewer:
'Unique stories assuring amusement FIVE STARS

STORIES THAT INTRIGUE is a book of six connected delightful and upbeat short stories about the trip to London, Switzerland, France, and New York taken by the main characters Julia, Stephanie, and Sam.
Julia and her sister Stephanie take an international trip from Trinidad in the Caribbean to drop Stephanie off at University in France.
Sam, an Internet friend, who secretly loves Julia, joins them.
Stephanie was unaware that Julia planned to meet Sam. and was upset when he turned up.
Fortunately for them, he did, as he saved the sisters from two unfortunate occurrences.
The book is filled with tours, adventure, intrigue, and pictures too to fuel your imagination.
Love blooms in France for Julia and Sam and the story has a surprising and suspenseful ending.
As one reader stated in his review, “The book is a true treasure of suspense and amusement.”


Winner of two gold medals, STORIES PEOPLE LOVE contains six fictional stories with common themes of hope, love, and real-life lessons.
In August 2019. Stories People Love topped the Connections EMagazine Readers Choice Awards 2019 and won two gold medals in the category Romance and the other for topping all genres.
One Night in Paris - What happened in Paris that night? Read and be intrigued.
Lavender - Deception, lies, murder, and mystery with lots of twists and turns will keep you guessing how this story will end.
Whispering Hope - A passionate young girl finds true love with a brilliant scholar.
Yesterday - Take a trip down memory lane with a trip across the world by two young adventurous girls.
The Dirtiest of all evils - A thrilling murder mystery.
Love Conquers All: True love knows no bounds.
Read a five- star review from an ardent Amazon reviewer:
t’s a great book that anyone would love to read.
The stories are very alluring and I loved reading them all.
The story titled Lavender kept me wondering how talented this writer is.
Brenda Mohammed has definitely realized readers' expectations while writing those stories.
Every story in the book ‘Stories people love’ is a winner.
She has shown full justice to the title.
I highly recommend this great book to story lovers.'

These books are all available on Amazon. Click Here.

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