Monday, 20 April 2020

The World Comes To You by Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson has created a stunning video with the work of international poets from Motivational Strips, the world's most active writers forum, How to Write for Success Literary forums, and other affiliated groups.
It is a must-see.
Highlights of the video are as follows:
A video of poets that participated in the ground-breaking Anthology - Break the Silence: An Anthology against domestic Violence.
BREAK THE SILENCE: AN ANTHOLOGY AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is a compilation of poems by 87 International poets who have at some time or the other suffered or witnessed physical, emotional, financial, or other types of abuses in the home, or at the hands of other perpetrators.
They have spoken up and risen from the darkness into light.
The introduction by Brenda Mohammed, Founder of the Literature Forum How to Write for Success throws some light on how this Anthology was born.
The Foreword by Shiju H Pallithazheth, Founder of Motivational Strips Global Forum gives a broad view of the subject.
The feature article by the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad and Tobago, Right Reverend Joy Abdul – Mohan gives her Biblical views.
It is our hope that this book will save the lives of many who are undergoing such brutal attacks from so-called loved ones.
Break the Silence is available on Amazon. CLICK HERE
Sarah Northwood, Regional Director for the United Kingdom, Motivational Strips is interviewed by Alan Johnson.
Timothy Payton narrates THE END written by a Moderator of Motivational Strips and it is a profound poem.
Shiju H Pallithazheth, Founder of Motivational Strips entertains us with a realistic story and Brenda Mohammed.Founder of How to Write for Success sings a song at the end of the show to lighten your hearts at this crucial time in our lives.
You will be thrilled to listen to the many poems composed on the events of today, narrated by Alan Johnson, producer of the video, as well as by other poets.
There are also singing poets and much more.
Take a look for yourself and enjoy it

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