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A ROAD TRAVELLED is the author’s 25th published book and her third book on Poetry featuring
a wide range of inspirational poems on Love, Love’s woes, Travel, Happiness, and effects on life
 during lockdown at the time of CoVid 19.
The Book Cover was designed by Mary L Schmidt and depicts the author’s inclination to write poetry
during light-bulb moments.
Besides Poetry to delight by the author, you will find amazing tributes for Author Brenda Mohammed
 from fellow authors:
Shiju H. Pallithazheth - Tribute to a Banker turned Writer
Mala Naidoo A Woman that Inspires
Debabrata Mohanty A Song from My Heart
Christabel Sylvester My Classic Lady
Dr. Emmanuel Tende A Woman of letters
Mohammad Erfun Amin My Heroine in Poetry.
Shanita Vichare A Review
Vandita Dharni A Review
The brilliant Foreword was written by Florabelle Lutchman who states, “It is the hope that when
you read this author’s poems that the messages contained therein will help you as you face the
challenges of day to day living.”

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However, I want to share the brilliant tribute penned by Dr. Emmanuel Tende Nzengu known as
 MANUFORGOD and to thank him.
He is a brilliant Poet and a member of both How to Write for Success and Motivational Strips
 Literary Forums.
I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote me this tribute which has been published in the book


I would like through my poetry!
To pay homage to a beautiful being!
Pay homage to a woman of letters!
This woman's name is Brenda Mohammed!
Let me honor this woman!
Who by poetry saves lives!
Let me honor this woman!
Who has the words that cure ailments!
Let me honor this woman!
Who is the voice of the voiceless!
Let me honor this woman!
Who by poetry predicts the future!
Let me honor this woman!
Who through poetry tells the past!
Let me honor this woman!
Who by poetry makes us travel!
In time and in space!
Let me honor this woman!
Who inspires poets in the shadows!
Let me honor this woman!
Who deserves a Nobel Prize for Literature!
Because she made poetry
A remedy for some!
And therapy for others!
It has allowed poetry to cross borders!
And to travel the world! Thanks to her collection of poems!
She uses poetry as therapy!
To save human lives!
She uses poetry as a peacemaker!
To reconcile couples!
She uses poetry as a language!
To talk to nature!
She uses poetry as justice!
To condemn evil!
She uses poetry as a gift!
To do good!
She uses poetry as a gospel!
To win souls!
She uses poetry as a weapon!
To warn the infamous! She uses poetry like a flame!
To rekindle souls!
She uses poetry like a song!
To wake up those who sleep!
She uses poetry as fiction!
To give voice to the abstract!
She uses poetry as a link!
To bring together the poets of the world!
She uses poetry as an experience!
To tell us about her!
She uses poetry as a prophecy!
To predict the future!
She uses poetry as a passion!
To teach others the rules!
She uses poetry as a refuge!
To relieve the afflicted!
She uses poetry like a wind!
Who blows where it wants!
She uses poetry like an umbrella!
To protect women from the rain of violence!
Her poetry rhymes with emotion!
And when you read her poems you become a fan!
This is why I find real pleasure!
To read her poems as they inspire me!
Her works will remain forever
Engraved in our memories!
Because poetry has made her immortal.
Congratulations Brenda Mohammed.
BIO: Dr. Emmanuel Tende Nzengu known as MANUFORGOD is of Congolese nationality (DRC)
He is a medical doctor in training, entrepreneur, slam artist, and poet.
In 2018 he won the big slam scene organized by Lipoposlam in Kinshasa. which gave him the
 right to represent his country, the DRC, at the first edition of the African Cup of Slam Poetry (CASP)
 in N'Djamema in November 2018.
He is the author of several poems among which: "Paradise of the eyes" "Living together" and many others.
He is also one of the co-authors in the Amazon No 1 bestselling Anthology against Domestic Violence,
Break the Silence produced by the How to Write for Success Literary Forum of which Brenda Mohammed
is the Founder.
MANUFORGOD is passionate about beautiful letters that let themselves be guided by the natural
 music of words in order to offer its listeners and readers irresistible spectacle syllables that undress.

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