Friday, 13 March 2020


BREAK THE SILENCE: AN ANTHOLOGY AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE was initiated by the Founder of Facebook Literature Forum, ‘How to Write For Success,’ Mrs. Brenda Mohammed from Trinidad. 
Brenda is also Regional Director, Operations, of the larger Facebook Literature Forum, Motivational Strips, of which the Founder is Shiju H Pallithazheth from Sultanate, Oman.
Motivational Strips has a readership of five million viewers a month and is the World's most active Writers'Forum.
Brenda is concerned with the rise in the spate of domestic violence taking place in Trinidad and all over the world.
She discussed it with the Founder of Motivational Strips and they agreed to invite poets from the 106 countries in both groups, to participate.
Poems from eighty-seven of the most prolific writers were selected from the submissions. Brenda undertook the role of Chief Editor/Publisher, and Florabelle Lutchman of Trinidad, an Administrator in the How to Write for Success Forum, agreed to assist her. Mary L Schmidt of Colorado, USA, a member, designed the book cover, and Shiju H Pallithazheth did the brilliant Foreword.
It did not stop there. Both Brenda and Florabelle who are members of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad approached the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad, Right Reverend Joy Abdul-Mohan to write a Feature Article for the book. She readily agreed.
The book was published on 5th March and on 12th March it topped the charts on Amazon in Poetries and Anthologies to become Amazon Bestseller No 1.
We congratulate the 87 bestselling coauthors.

The book is available on AMAZON in KINDLE AND PAPERBACK

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