Monday, 4 May 2020


The lockdown certainly has its benefits. My book ZEEKA CHRONICLES has gathered 132 reviews from across the world - United States. The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and India.
This is one of my award-winning books.
Thank you Florabelle Lutchman for this five-star review:

Do you like futuristic views of life? Well, this book “Zeeka Chronicles” written by Mrs. Brenda Mohammed, a multi-genre author, is just the book to read. It has five connected stories and will take you into the future- 2036 to be exact, where you will read about Zeeka and the Zombies, Zeeka’s Child, Zeeka Returns, Zeeka’s Ghost and Resurrection.
This multi-layered tale is set on a small island called Gosh, a little scenic island off the coast of South America, and it became the brainchild of the author when the disease Zika was ravaging the Caribbean Islands.
Brenda Mohammed uses her everyday experiences and ideas to formulate plots for each story. She skillfully interweaves the characters of each story, bringing to the narratives interest, amazement, and excitement.
If you are scared of reading about zombies, there is no need to be. The zombies are just short people with small heads who created some havoc on the island of Gosh during the Carnival festival.
The protagonist is a doctor, Dr. Stephen Sharpe, a scientist, who had an obsession over finding a cure for the debilitating disease caused by the Anopheles Mosquito.
Circumstances in this book are somewhat similar to what is happening today with Covid19. In the book, babies were born with small heads, and if they died their bodies were not given to the parents for burial. Funerals could not be held. Maybe Mrs. Brenda Mohammed had a glimpse into the future!!!!
A cure for this disease was being sought by over twenty doctors in the hospital but read on.
In the second story, “Zeeka’s Child”, we read about the child that Zeeka, the antagonist had. You will be stunned to know who it was.
“Zeeka Returns” is the third story that tells of Zeeka’s return from exile and the thrilling events that follow.
“Zeeka’s Ghost” is the fourth episode, but that I cannot give away. You must read the book to find out.
“Resurrection” is the fifth story, and you will be amazed at Brenda’s imagination for a future world. Over twenty doctors in the hospital were seeking a cure for the disease. Dr. Stephen Sharpe led the team and discovered that cure. I wish a scientist will invent a cure for Covid 19, like the one Brenda invented for the persons who grew up deformed because of the Zika virus.
The author has written twenty-five books to date and I am sure each of them is worth reading as Zeeka Chronicles.
If you want to fill your world with excitement at this time of lockdown, please pick up this book. You will not regret it. You may not want to put it down.
Zeeka Chronicles is available at Amazon stores worldwide. Get it at this Universal link.

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