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I am sharing my Interview with Space-Time Magazine in which you will learn about Zeeka Chronicles.
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Subject: Interview | Name: BRENDA MOHAMMED

BRENDA MOHAMMED, a former Bank Manager from Trinidad is a multi-award-winning author of 25 books, and Founder of the Literary Forums How to Write for Success, Poems for Suicide Prevention, Library of How to Write for Success, and Poems against Domestic Violence. Her award-winning book HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS is popular amongst writers and University students.
She is also Regional Director – Operations- Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers’ forum with writers from 106 countries, Honorary Member of the World Higher Literary Academic Council of World Nations Writers Union, National President of the Union of Writers, Union Hispaniomundial de Escritores for Trinidad and Tobago, and Vice-Chancellor of Motivational Strips Academy of Literary Excellence and Wisdom,
She recently published three best-selling Anthologies A Spark of Hope Volumes I and II, co-authored by 49 and 64 authors respectively, and Break the Silence: An Anthology against Domestic Violence by 87 authors. All three topped the charts on Amazon as Bestsellers No 1.
In November 2018 Brenda received two awards from Readers Favorite International at an award ceremony at the Regency Hotel in Miami for two of her books, ZEEKA CHRONICLES and I AM CANCER FREE.
She was inducted into the Indie Author's Wall of Fame in January 2020.
On 20th February 2020, Motivational Strips conferred on her THE PEACOCK oPINION Honour, the first order and distinguished honour of appreciation that falls under LEVEL 1 in terms of all honours summed up. This award is given to authors who have shown exceptional support to World Literature. She also received further appreciation with the Shakespeare Medal Award, Global Literature Guardian Award, and Global Dove of Peace Award from Motivational Strips.
Brenda was also honoured on 22nd February 2020 by the Peru Government for Excellence in Literature, and in August 2019 by the Seychelles Government for her Literary skills, and was awarded World Laureate in Literature and World Poetic Star by World Nations Writers’ Union.
ALEXA WAYNE (AW): When did you find out you would want to write novels?
BRENDA MOHAMMED: It was never my intention to become a writer. I wrote I am Cancer Free to tell persons in a similar position that cancer is a battle you have to fight and win. The response I received from buyers and readers gave me encouragement to write more books.
I am Cancer Free was the winner of Mc Grath House Indie Book Awards in the category Non-Fiction in September 2016 and won an award from Readers Favorite International Book Awards 2018 in the category Health and Fitness.
AW: You mentioned your work, all set in science-fiction or cyborg settings, would you let our readers know why you are attracted to that genre?
BRENDA MOHAMMED: I am a multi-genre writer and suddenly got an idea for a science fiction series when I read about the zika virus. It was set in the year 2036 and based on events that took place 20 years before. After writing the first three books, Zeeka and the Zombies, Zeeka’s Child, and Zeeka Returns I combined them into one book named Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy.
Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy received a five-star review from Readers Favorite. I thought I was done with the series, but Zeeka haunted me in my dreams. I had the same dream for almost a month.
He insisted that I write the fourth book, Zeeka’s Ghost because he said that I did not tell the full story.
“What do you mean by the full story?” I asked him.
He replied, “Start writing and I will tell you what to write.”
I said, “But you are dead. You committed suicide. How can you tell me what to write?”
“Do you believe in ghosts?” he asked.
I wrote Zeeka’s Ghost, the fourth book, which was unplanned and believe it or not, Zeeka told me what to write.
I was still not finished with the series. He returned in my dreams and told me to write the fifth book, Resurrection to reveal the true identity of Zombie Number Nine. I was guided by him to do that book as well.
You must think that I am crazy, but I believe all writers experience something similar.
I combined all five stories into one book named Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka. The book won an award in Readers Favorite International Awards 2018.
AW: When writing about sci-fi, do you do research and if so, how far do you go with your research?
BRENDA MOHAMMED: Yes. When I wrote the Zeeka stories I researched for high-tech weapons, robots, programmable zombies, and other technology in the year 2036 but found nothing. My eight-year-old grandson came up with names for weapons and technological equipment and I am very proud of him. Reviewers commented positively on the shrinkenator, zombies, robots, and weapons.
AW: What is most important to you when writing your novels?
BRENDA MOHAMMED: I write with the readers in mind. I want my readers to experience every emotion expressed by my characters such as love, joy, rage, terror, disappointment, and sorrow.
AW: Which authors influenced your writing in science-fiction?
BRENDA MOHAMMED: I cannot name a science fiction author because I never read any science fiction books that interested me. I can name movies that enthralled me like Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, T-Rex, Ex Machina, and many more.
AW: Which of your novels is your favorite and why is it your favorite?
BRENDA MOHAMMED: Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka is definitely my favourite novel. It was my first try at science fiction and it was a great success. It received a five-star review from Readers Favorite soon after I published it, and won several awards as follows:
1. Award winner in the Category Young Adult Thriller in Readers Favorite International Awards 2018.
2. Winner of the gold award in the category science fiction in Emagazine Readers' Choice Awards 2018.
3. Top ten finalist in the Author Academy Global Awards 2018.
4.Winner in Science Fiction in SIBA Awards 2017.
AW: Do you believe in alien visiting our world, by that I mean in abduction or close encounters of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th kind?
BRENDA MOHAMMED: No. I do not believe in aliens although I may write about them. I regard them as fiction.
AW: What made you decide to be self-published?
BRENDA MOHAMMED: I chose self-publishing as I wanted the freedom to revise my books or covers whenever I want without having to wait on a publisher to do so.
AW: What sets you apart from other science-fiction and cyborg authors?
BRENDA MOHAMMED: I don’t consider myself a famous science fiction writer. However, the book, Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka did win awards from Readers Favorite and other entities. Reviewers have emphasized its originality, so it is worth reading.
AW: What can readers look forward to from Brenda Mohammed in 2019?
I founded a Facebook Literary Forum called How to Write for Success in February 2017. In October 2018 I affiliated it to another Facebook Group called Motivational Strips. Both groups have the same mission of Writers’ Empowerment. Because of that association, I have developed a passion for poetry.
The forum has initiated three Poetry Anthologies which topped the charts on Amazon and all made Amazon bestseller No 1 in Poetries and anthologies.
Whether or not I will write another science fiction book only time will tell.
AW: Is there any website or social media where people can reach or follow you?
This concludes our interview. Thank you so very much for your time. We cannot wait to read your answers! I will contact you when your article will be published on our website and of course, feel free, when the time comes to share it and use it as you please. 
Also, if there is anything else you would like to add, please feel free to do so. If you feel like there is a question that you would’ve liked to answer, add it and it will be part of the final interview on the website.
Thank you for your time and answers. We are honored to have you on our website and we hope you had a wonderful time answering our questions.
Kind regards,
Space-Time Magazine
Zeeka Chronicles
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'Take a futuristic journey into the year 2036 with this mind-blowing, bold, and original 'other world' book, that will capture your imagination and keep you spellbound.
ZEEKA CHRONICLES: REVENGE OF ZEEKA by Author Brenda Mohammed, is a multi-award winning science-fiction novel inspired by the recent scare of the zika virus, set in the year 2036, where zombies and robots take center stage. The book comprises of five thrilling episodes set on a beautiful fictitious island named Gosh. Readers can choose the five kindle books in the series at .99 cents each, the Horror TrilogyKindle Edition which comprises the first three books in the series for $2.99, or Zeeka Chronicles Kindle Edition which contains all five stories for $3.99.
How can one man use science for revenge?
Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka was an award winner in the Category Young Adult Thriller in Readers Favorite International Awards 2018, winner in Science Fiction in SIBA Awards 2017, winner of the gold award in the category science fiction in Connections Emagazine Readers' Choice Awards 2018, and winner in the top ten finalists for science-fiction in the Author Academy Global Awards 2018.
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